Collection: Onion Plants


The onion(Allium cepa), is a member of the lily family that is cultivated for their delicious bulbs.  Onion bulbs have various B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.  All nutrients important for a healthy lifestyle.

The cultivation of onion plants dates so far back that their region of origin is almost impossible to trace.  They were used in early Greece, Eygpt, and are even mentioned in the Bible.  Today they are grown successfully in all parts of the world.




We have grown the onion varieties we offer in our garden and are confident that with the proper care they will be productive in your garden.

Our onion plants are greenhouse grown and fresh dug the same day as they are shipped out.  They are shipped in plastic bags with moist potting soil around their roots.  We guarantee our onion plants to arrive in great condition for a successful growing experience.