Ornamental Grass Plants

   The modern gardening world is leaning towards easy and low maintenance plants more than ever.  With this new trend the demand for ornamental grasses has drastically increased within the last few years.  Ornamental grasses are easy to care for, provide a long season of display and also add height, texture, and color to the garden border.  Not only do they bring show to the garden, but many are drought tolerant, extremely cold hardy, and tolerant of poor soils.  With such a wide range of different grass types you can create an appeasing look, just using ornamental grasses.  Like lawn grass, ornamental grasses, easily contrast perennial plants, annual plants, and shrubs to make an area that is very easy on the eye.  Add ornamental grasses to your landscape and watch the majestic colors, unique textures, and beautiful habits transform your garden into something less than a miracle.