Collection: Campanula Plants

    Genus containing more than 300 species of annuals, biennials, and perennials.  Bellflowers are dispersed throughout the North Hemisphere, where they inhabit mountainous areas, lowland meadows, woodland, and wastelands.  The majority of cultivated species in this genus bloom from late spring until late summer.  Grown for their versatile garden performance and ease of culture.  Our Campanula plants are the hardy perennial versions of this dynamic genus.

Campanula 'Growing Tips:
    1. Plant in a well-drained soil that is within a pH range of 6.5-8.0.
    2. Campanula's perform best in soils that have been incorporated with organic matter and require consistent soil moisture for best performance.
    3. In the hot south a partial shade locality is a must for optimum performance, and plants benefit from an afternoon sun block (edge of trees, under south-side eaves of house, etc.).
    4. Side-dress plants annually in early spring with compost or an all purpose granular