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Onion 'Ailsa Craig' Plants

Ailsa Craig is a giant in the onion world.  This beauty is named after the Ailsa Craig island off the coast of Scotland.  One has to wonder if the name came from the mounded shape of the island or the aerial view that looks like an onion sliced right down the middle.  Either way is sweet like this variety.  Ailsa Craig is similar to Walla Walla by being very mild with little to no pungency and they have a limited shelf life of about two months.  Plugnency or heat picks up the longer they are stored, but still maintaining a very mild state.  Great for blooming onions, fresh eating, and caramelized onions. 
Mature Bulb Size: 5"-6" across 
Spacing: 10”-12" (for best size)
Storage: July - September - best if used soon after harvest
Days to Maturity: 105-110
Daylength Requirement: Long Day(bulbs bulk during longer summer days)
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch
Fertilizer: Use either the recipe below or an all purpose granular fertilizer scratched into the soil before transplanting.  Then fertilize every two weeks with fish emulsion or a similar liquid fertilizer.  Stop liquid feed when the tops start to bend over.
Fertilizer Recipe: 1 cup feather meal, 1 cup blood meal, 1 cup bone meal, and 1 cup kelp meal.  Mix together and scratch into the soil before planting.

Photo courtesy of High Mowing® Organic Seeds

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