About Us

  Our business started in 2006, as a mail order plant business centered around sustainable growing practices to produce healthy plants; we still hold true to that focus today.  Now we are slightly larger mail order company and more equipped to handle volume while still being small enough to personally provide our customers with the attention they deserve.

Our Plants

    Since, our focus is on sustainable gardening/agriculture, our plants are grown with only organically approved input products.  We start with biodegradable wood fiber pots (all plants except gallon sized), fill them with coir (a renewable potting soil from the coconut industry), and either transplant or seed into these pots.  All herb and vegetable plants are started from organically certified seed.  Annual plants and perennials are either started from divisions, cuttings, seed, or starter plants and grown using the same organic inputs as the vegetable plants.  We source nurseries with sustainable practices when acquiring these cuttings, divisions, and starter stock.  Once, the plants are large enough we start liquid feeding with organically approved fertilizers and in many cases these were concocted right here with raw products like alfalfa meal, kelp meal, and worm castings.  In the event we have a pest problem, we will use organically approved fungicides and pesticides, or biological controls (ex. lady bugs).  These practices enable us to culture plants that are GMO-free, free of neonicotinoids, and free of harsh chemicals.
We hope you enjoy our website and plants!