Collection: Tomato Plants, Tomato Transplants,

The tomato plant is tropical perennial and one of the most valued members of the nightshade family (Solanaceae).  Native to tropical South America tomatoes were first cultivated by\the Natives, brought to Europe from early European explorations, and cultured as an annual.  The famous cherry tomatoes were once a novelty and are dated in cultivation as early as the sixteenth century.  The beginning varieties were ribbed and were either red or yellow in color.  During the duration of the nineteenth century smooth tomatoes and plum tomatoes were developed through extensive crop selection.  Today the tomato is a staple in modern day cuisines and is grown worldwide.

Our stocky tomato plants are grown in 3" pots and are garden ready.  We guarantee our tomato plants to arrive in good condition or we will replace or refund your money.