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Onion 'Redwing' - 25 Plant Bunch

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Redwing onions are a favorite long term storage onion of ours.  The globular reddish-purple bulbs grow up to 4" in diameter and interior is ringed white and red.  Thick exterior scales remain firm throughout a long duration and make this onion perfect for storage.  The flavor is mild at harvest and picks up pungency the longer it is stored.  Easily stores up to 9 months if kept cool (36 degrees Fahrenheit with relative humidity at 80%).  Day neutral onion, but grows best in the central to northern parts of the United States. 

Mature Bulb Size: 3"- 4" (occasionally larger)
Spacing: 8" - 10"
Days to Maturity: 115-120 
Day-length: Intermediate to Long Day
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch

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