Cabbage 'Famosa' Plants

  • $ 4.95

Cabbage 'Famosa' is a hybrid Savoy cabbage.  The Savoy cabbage is known for it's heavily crinkled leaves and head.  'Famosa' is our favorite of all the cabbages we offer because the taste is always sweet with a crisp texture.  'Famosa' is quick maturing, uniform and always dependable. 
Days to Maturity: 70-75 
Spacing: 20"-24" 
Head Size: 4-5 lbs
Fertilizer: Apply an all purpose dry fertilizer at planting by scratching into the soil.  We prefer organic formulations for better soil health.  Fertilize weekly with fish emulsion or a similar nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer.  Stop liquid feeds 1 week before harvesting.
Container Size: 4.5Pot, 1 Plant

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