Kohlrabi 'Purple Vienna'

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   What's kohlrabi?  A general question when you mention this plant and one that is kind of hard to answer.  It is a turnip cabbage thingy that looks like kale...  Yeah, not so clear right. 
    This member of the broccoli family is commonly called the german turnip because it looks just like a turnip, but one that grows out of the soil.  The "bulb" of a kohlrabi is actually an enlarged stem and if you can picture a turnip bulb and a head cabbage becoming one then you have pictured the kohlrabi exactly.  These bulbs can grow rather large, but are normally harvested at 2" in diameter for best flavor.  The sweet flesh of the "bulb" is great in slaws, eating raw with dip, in stir fries, roasted with your favorite spices, or grated in salads.  The leaves can also be used like collard greens or mustards.  These plants contain vitamin C, potassium, vitamin b6, folate, thiamin, calcium, and phosphorus in ample amounts.  They are also a powerhouse of disease fighting phytochemicals.
    Kohlrabi is transplanted in the garden when all chances of heavy frosts are gone, but light to moderate frosts are still around.  The months of March and April are when most areas of the United States set out kohlrabi transplants for harvest in early summer.  Our large transplants are ready for the garden and can ship as early as Monday, March 18, 2019, or anytime there after.  We will also have more plants in May for northern gardeners.

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