Hosta 'Autumn Frost' -  A stand up and look at me perennial!

Hosta 'Autumn Frost' - A stand up and look at me perennial!


    To be truthful there are a ton of hostas you can buy.  Narrowing it down may just be the hardest part, as generally all types are great landscape plants that combine ease of care with bold colors.  The Hosta 'Autumn Frost' is no different in performance, but has this unusual coloration.  To say it is the most amazing hosta is simply like comparing apples to...  well more apples.  Simply put, you either like the striking coloration or you don't.  It just may not fit into your landscape scheme, but if you are looking for different this is right up your alley or should I say perfect for planting in your alley(probably shouldn't have said it, lol).

   Hosta 'Autumn Frost', emerges in spring with bold hues of yellow surrounding the chalky blue colored centers.  As spring transitions into summer the outer yellow margins also transition to a silvery white and the leaf centers turn a rich green with blue-green brushstrokes leading into the white margins.  In the middle of summer the plants produce flowering stalks full of beautiful lavender flowers.  This is particularly stunning in its own merit and the plants persist in bloom for two weeks to almost a month.  Then in autumn the leaves turn a bright yellow as they go dormant for a winters nap.  Here in Delaware this variety provides display from the end of March through the middle of November.  

    In conclusion, I would highly recommend this variety for that special spot or even mass plantings.  The bold leaf colors are ideal for illuminating the shade under deciduous trees and in front of houses with wide eaves.  It is very different from any other hosta in color, but is very similar in ease of care.  Some companion plants include heucheras, Japanese ferns, SunPatiens, and solid leaved hostas.  Our plants are grown in premium 1 gallon containers so the root system is large and will provide an outstanding display next spring when planted this fall.  Get yours at half off today...  Hosta 'Autumn Frost'

Happy Gardening and God bless,
David Burton(owner)
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