A duo!  - Eastern Prickly Pear and Sedum Angelina

A duo! - Eastern Prickly Pear and Sedum Angelina

   What started as sort of an accident became one of the nicest looking plantings around the garden in 2019.  This picture of a two year old eastern prickly pear cactus growing out of sedum angelina started as two separate plantings in the fall of 2017.  The goal was to have sedum beside the cactus and to plant portulacas around it in the spring.  The busy greenhouse season turned into the portulacas not being set out until July.  At that time the sedum had slowly creeped into where the cactus was and it was getting too nice to move.  So I addded a few more plants and well over a year later the plot is looking great.  Both plants are evergreen so they never let the weeds have chance.  In the winter the cactus will turn hues of red while the sedum will turn orange.  In the spring the cactus will erupt with yellow blooms and not long after that the sedum does too.  A 365 day delight!
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