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Watermelon 'Triple Crown' Plants

The finest seedless watermelon we have trialed.  The deep green rinds and rich red flesh make the most ideal summertime treat.  Our amazement in this type was how sweet and juicy it was.  Many seedless watermelon fall short of seeded varieties in taste but not this one.  Even immaturely picked melons were delicious.  Definitely a triple crown winner in the watermelon "horse race".
Since seedless watermelons need a seeded variety for pollination we ship two 'Triple Crown' plants and one 'Sugar Baby' plant.
Fruit Size: Up to 30 lbs 
Spacing: 2'-3' down row, rows 6'-8' apart 
Days to Maturity: 80-90
Fertilizer: All purpose granular organic fertilizer at planting time. We prefer organic approved fertilizers as they aid in better soil health.
Containers: 4.5" Pot, 3 Plants (2 Triple Crown Plants, 1 Sugar Baby for pollination)
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