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Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' Plants

Helianthus 'Lemon Queen', is a tall perennial sunflower that blooms in mid summer through to the beginning of fall.  This beauty is full of 2.5"-3" lemony yellow blooms when a lot of other perennials are waning for the year.  The round stems are very dense and hold the plants up nicely through wind and rain; making it a great backdrop or back of border plant.  Bees and butterflies love the blooms and songbirds love the seeds.  The large bushy plants make great nesting sites for indigo buntings, wrens, and sparrows.  A great backdrop plant, naturalizer for meadows, and is excellent for erosion control. A US native!
Mature Plant Size: 6'-9' Tall, 3'-4' Spread  (2 Year Old Plant)
Bloom Time: Mid-Summer until Fall
Light Exposure: Full Sun 
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.0
Hardiness Zones: 4-9
Fertilizer: Apply compost or an all purpose granular fertilizer around plants in early spring.
Water:  Monitor new plants for adequate moisture.  Water in deep and allow the top to dry between applications.  Once plants are established (after about a year) only supplement water when in drought situations.
Additional care:  Trim to 6" in late winter/early spring before growth begins.
Offering Size: Bare root; 2 year old plant (see picture); fresh dug upon ordering
When to Plant: 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes solid in the fall or in spring when the ground is 55° F or warmer.
Supplies Needed: Compost, worm castings, or an all purpose starter fertilizer.  Dolomitic lime if your soil pH is naturally acidic.  A round point shovel or border fork.
How to Plant Bareroot Helianthus Plants: We ship healthy fresh dug helianthus divisions that will flourish given the proper steps. You will want to plant as soon as possible after arrival; with the day of arrival being best.  They can be held up to a week in the refrigerator if needed; but not recommended.  Now on to the planting...  First, you will want to get your supplies and start preparing the planting holes.  Dig a hole 12" across by 6" deep and loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole an additional 6"-8" deep.  Next, mix 1 cup of compost or worm castings and 1/4 cup dolomitic lime with the soil extracted from the hole.  Now holding the plant with it's crown(where stem meets root) slightly above the existing garden topsoil back fill the dirt around the rootball and tamp slightly with your fingers as you go.  Then, water in heavily and cover any roots exposed by the watering with soil.  Lastly, apply a cup of compost or worming castings in a circle around the plants.  You can use an all purpose granular fertilizer in the place of compost.  Mulch if desired and enjoy the planting for years to come.
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