Collection: Raddichio Plants, Raddichio Transplant

Raddichio is a perennial leaf vegetable that is primarily grown in Italy, but is gaining popularity worldwide particularly due to the addition of it to bagged salad mixes.  The leaves have varying coloration and this is dependent on the variety grown; typically the red shades are most popular.  Raddichio leaves have a spicy taste that is sweeter during the cool periods of the year.  Nutritionally, raddichio, has abundant amounts of vitamin A and K with moderate amounts of calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and zinc.  If you have never tried raddichio it is a rewarding plant that not only looks neat in the garden, but is also a colorful addition to the dinner table.

Our stocky raddichio plants are grown in 3" pots and are garden ready.  We guarantee our raddichio plants to arrive in good condition or we will replace or refund your money. 


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