Collection: Catananche Plants

    This genus contains five species of annuals and perennials, which are very similar to the cornflower.  Natively found in dry meadows of the Mediterranean region these tough plants thrive in average to poor soil.  Long 12" leaves of silver-gray are borne in basal tufts, which give to flowering stalks, bear solitary flower-heads, in mid-summer through autumn.

Catananche Growing Tips:

    1. Grow in light soils that are within a pH range of 6.0 - 7.5.  
    2. Soils high in organic matter or moisture content make for short lived catananche plants.  
    3. A sandy loam or light clay is of preference.  
    4. Fertilizer is not needed in most soils, though a bit of compost mixed into the planting
      hole will help retain moisture in quick draining soils.
    5. Cut spent flowering stalks back to the basal rosette of leaves.


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