Collection: Brunnera Plants

The Siberian Bugloss is a rhizomatous perennial that has soft hairy leaves up to 8" long, and are heart shape in form.  This genus covers three species that are naturally spread throughout Europe and Asia.   In spring blue forget me not like flowers are borne in panicles and measure up to 1/4" across.  

Brunnera Growing Tips:

    1. Plant in a well-drained soil, that is located in a shady location, and has been enriched
      with compost, leaf mold or dehydrated cow manure.
    2. Brunnera plants are shade dwelling, but prefer partial shade over full shade.
    3. The optimum pH range for these plants to thrive is 5.5-7.5
    4. Brunnera plants prefer moderately moist soils.
    5. Mulch plants to maintain a consistent soil moisture.
    6. Fertilize early in spring with a dose of compost or all purpose granular fertilizer.
    7. Plants do not need to be divided and patented plants cannot be propagated by any


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