Tennessee Red Valencia Peanut Plants

  • $ 5.95

The Tennessee Red Valencia peanut is a good producer with 3-4 nuts per pod and many pods being borne on the plants.  They tranplant easily and are 6-8 weeks old when received for quicker harvests as well as the ability to harvest in northern climates.  The variety also doesn't need hilling so they are easier to maintain than other peanuts.  The red skinned nuts are sweet with a nice nutty aftertaste.  Great for roasting, peanut butter, and eating raw.
Days to Maturity: 110 
Spacing: 12"-14"
Mature Plant Height: 18"
Fertilizer: Apply an all purpose fertilizer at planting. We prefer organic fertilizers for better soil health. 
Container Size: 4.5" Pot, 1 Plant

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