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Sweet Potato 'Nemagold' - 6 Plants

  • $ 7.95

The 'Nemagold' sweet potato is equally ornamental as it is a functional vegetable.  The medium sized tubers are a tan with a light rose tint and the flesh is a beautiful orange.  The flesh is very smooth and creamy.  The larger potatoes harvested don't have the stringy texture that other varieties do.  This variety was found to be resistant to root nematodes, but we haven't been able to test this in our trials due to lack of these pesky nematodes.  Highly productive.  Short vining habit.

Days to Maturity: 85-95 
Spacing: 12"
Fruit Size: 2 lbs-10 lbs 
Mature Plant Size: 12" tall x  5'-6' wide
Container Size: 6 - 1" x 2.5" Plugs (Hearty Plants In 4-6 Leaf Stage or Larger) 

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