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Rosemary 'Arp' Plant - Large 5.5 Pot

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Rosemary is a highly pungent herb that is primarily used in meat dishes.  This fragrant herb contains carnosic acid which studies suggest may help protect the brain of free radicals, lowering the risk of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimers.  Other medicinal properties include but are  not limited to aiding in digestion, increasing memory, higher energy levels, anxiety relief, and use as an antiseptic for treatment of respiratory ailments. The lance shaped leaves contain large amounts of essential oils and when brushed or crushed the leaves release a pine-like scent.  While a similar smell to pine, it is really a smell like no other and very appeasing.  We use this herb primarily on venison and turkey.  'Arp' is hardier than most rosemary varieties, but it is still best to bring indoors in zones seven and below.  Rosemary plants make nice houseplants and can be trimmed into scented Christmas trees.

Mature Plant Size: 4'-6' Tall, 2'-3' Spread 
Bloom Time: June-August
Light Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.5 
Hardiness Zones: 7-10
Container Size: 3.5" Pot & 5.5" Pot

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