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Lettuce 'Crispino' - Iceberg Lettuce

A traditional iceberg lettuce with mid-green leaves and lighter interiors.  ‘Crispino’ grows into a large dense head full of iceberg goodness.  Slow to bolt, resists downy mildew, and lettuce leaf aphids.  This variety will not produce a head during high heat and should only be grown during the spring and fall.
Height: 10”-12” 
Head Size: ½ pound (average) 
Days to Maturity: 65
Fertilizer: Apply an 1" of compost in fall or late winter prior to planting or scratch an all-purpose granular fertilizer in the ground prior to planting.
Water: Keep evenly moist at all times.   For crispier leaves heavily saturate a planting the day prior to harvest.
Container Size: 2.5" Plugs - 6 Plants
Photo courtesy of High Mowing Seeds
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