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Leek 'Bandit' Plants

A popular open pollinated variety cultured for the organic market.  These leeks produce sizable shanks with little to no-bulb, have a nice flavor, and offer great uniformity among the crop.  The dark green leaves offset the bright white shanks nicely.  They are also superb over-wintering leeks in mild areas.  Plant in the spring for summer, fall and winter harvests.  Plant in fall in mild areas (hardiness zones 8 and up) for spring/summer harvesting.  A highly recommended variety for organic gardens.
Mature Shank Size: 2” diameter x 8” long 
Spacing: 6" with rows 24" apart
Days to Maturity: 120
Offer Size: 25 plants/bunch
When to plant: When soil is workable in spring until the beginning of July; later in southern regions.
Fertilizer Recipe: 1 cup feather meal, 1 cup blood meal, 1 cup bone meal, and 1 cup kelp meal lightly scratched into soil before planting.  You can also use an all purpose granular fertilizer at planting.  Then, fertilize every two weeks with fish emulsion or a similar product during the summer months.

Photo courtesy of Johnny's Selected Seeds®

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