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Heuchera 'Plum Pudding' Plants

Heuchera 'Plum Pudding', is a dessert of rich purples and slight red hues, with silver marbling between the veins.  This vigorous grower is popular where heat and humidity persist.  A choice plant for growing underneath deciduous trees, in containers, as a border plant, and in mass plantings.  The flowers will attract bees and the occasional butterfly.  Contrasts nicely with light color heucheras and many light colored flower blooms.  Non-invasive.
Mature Plant Size: 12"-18" Tall, 12"-18" Spread
Bloom Time: Late Summer
Light Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Shade
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.0
Hardiness Zones: 5-9
Fertilizer: If using compost apply an 1" at planting time and side dress annually in late fall or early spring.  If using a granular fertilizer (we recommend organic formulations) apply an all-purpose formula in early spring annually.  It is only recommended to use liquid fertilizers when the growth is slow.
Water:  Monitor plants through first year for moisture; water deep and inconsistently to encourage the roots to go deep.  Once established water supplementation should only be needed in extended drought situations or if planting in full sun.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot
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