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Celery 'Tango' Plants

Tango is a tender celery that is always a great addition to a meal, whether raw, in soups, or salads. The stalks are a bold green and have slight ribs that make for easier cleaning.  The flavor is of a mild celery taste and is not overly pungent like some of the older types.  This variety will tolerate blanching if lighter colored stalks are preferred.  Tango also has abundant leaves that can be used like parsley.
Days to Maturity: 80  
Spacing: 12"-14" 
Mature Plant Height: 20"
Fertilizer: Apply an all purpose organic fertilizer at planting time and then an all purpose organic liquid feed like fish emulsion every two weeks. 
When to plantAfter all chances of frost have passed or sixty days before your first fall frost.  For early crops in the spring you can transplant when the soil reaches fifty degrees Fahrenheit and cover them to protect from frost.  In the fall they will tolerate light frosts and the crop can be covered to maintain them until a deep freeze.   Summer plantings are fine in the northern part of the US, but in central to southern regions it gets too hot, but you either can grow them in a shad4ed area with regular irrigation or wait until it cools below ninety degrees during the day.  In hot areas celery tends to develop hollow heart because the calcium uptake is better at cooler temperatures; shading helps with this issue.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot, 1 Plant
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