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Cabbage 'Red Acre' - 6 Plants

  • $ 6.25

A small red cabbage perfect small families and home gardens.  'Red Acre' isn't really a red, but a rich reddish purple and it is an easily grown cabbage.  The heads are very tightly wrapped and interior is an even richer purple.  The taste is sweet and even sweeter when harvested in cool weather.  The purple color is retained through the cooking process.  'Red Acre' also stores well in the garden or root cellar if kept just above freezing.

Head Size: 3 lbs 
Spacing: 18"-24" 
Days to Maturity: 65-80
Container Size: 6 - 1" x 2.5" Plugs (Hearty Plants In 4-6 Leaf Stage or Larger) 

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