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Brussel Sprout 'Long Island Improved' Plants

A popular heirloom that dates back to the 1890's, 'Long Island Improved' is a improvement over the then popular 'Catskill'.  'Long Island Improved' has a compact habit and high sprout set.  The sprouts themselves are sweet and tender.  Time this variety to have a couple months of growing time prior to a cool down and a month or more of cool conditions to produce the sprouts.  Plants will not produce sprouts if exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees for an extended amount of time. 
Days to Maturity: 85-95  
Spacing: 16"-20"  
Mature Plant Height: 24"+
Fertilizer: Apply an all purpose fertilizer at planting.  We prefer organic for better soil health.  Fertilize weekly with fish emulsion or a nitrogen rich liquid fertilizer.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot, 1 Plant
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