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  As, a plant producer we understand how vital the need for water is and what a staple it is for agricultural production.  Water is easily the cheapest and easiest obtainable resource we use, yet without it we would be non-existent.  So from a abundantly blessed stance we go roughly 7500 miles to a part of Kenya, West Pokot County, where crops have withered and died because of their lack of irrigation and knowledge of proper techniques to irrigate farm land.


"We are a backwards and uneducated people, we have lived next to this river for ten years and do not know how to get the water to our fields.  Will you teach us to irrigate and farm this land?"

English translation of the Kaa Aron village chief's plea to us.

Ways we helping...

We will be selling plants that are either African natives or descendants of African natives and a certain amount of the purchase price will go to Kenya Gather.  The exact amount will be listed in each plant description and we will include a tax deductable receipt.

Also, the founder/owner/operator of Streambank Gardens, is a board member to help with agriculture related endeavors.

Ways you can help?

Donate to Kenya Gather -

Go to Kenya and help out -

Pray for missions, direction, and guidance.

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