The art of not cleaning the garden up for the year...

The art of not cleaning the garden up for the year...

    I'm not sure whether it is the cold soil, cold air, or the fact that I have come to the conclusion in my mind I've had enough gardening for one year, whatever the reason it is really hard to get in the garden and prepare it for next spring.  So here lies the question...  Do I really need to be that worried with my opinion of untidiness within the garden?

   The sedum in the above picture was on the mental list to be trimmed back before they were encompassed with snow.  Had I actually followed suit this picture would have never happened.  So back to answering the question... It doesn't matter that everything is exactly to my standards because there is a Higher power that magically turns what seems like our failures or shortcomings into something more pristine than imaginable. 

    From the dead stalks of a coneflower booming with color as various birds perch on them to extract the seeds, to the snow topped umbels of sedum that have faded. Then on to the frosty mosaics on a richly hued heuchera leaf.  All unique colors and changes that encompass a new season.  To everything there is a season, as to every optimistic perception there is beauty.  All in all, sometimes our to do list actually limits the outcome, and if we let go we can find much more joy in our garden toils.

Hibiscus 'Fireball', lingering bloom (taken in October 2018)

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