Growing Broccoli Plants

Broccoli plants are easy to grow vegetables that, when grown properly, reward you with large heads and ample side shoots.  These cool weather plants are easily grown when all parameters are met.


Planting Times:

Soil Type:  Broccoli does best in a well-drained loam, but will also grow nicely in quick draining sand or clay amended with compost or like organic matter.

Fertilizer:  For the home gardener we recommend tilling in compost prior to planting and then fertilizing with fish emulsifier every two weeks; stop fish emulsifier at least a week prior to harvest.  You can replace the fish emulsifier with a slow release organic fertilizer if preferred.  Follow the directions on the fertilizer bag and reapply as needed.  If the bottom leaves start yellowing then it is time to administer a dose of nitrogen via fish emulsifier or another liquid feed.

Water: The soil should be moist at all times, but never overly soggy.

Growing In Containers: