Cool Wave® Trailing Pansies - Bold colors, vigor, and dependability!

Cool Wave® Trailing Pansies - Bold colors, vigor, and dependability!

  I have been growing trailing pansies for a few years and the Cool Wave® collection is by far the best and easiest to grow.  Last October I transplanted runts (4 leaves or less) of the Golden Yellow, Morpho, Frost, and Purple. The plants bloomed a little before winter and were the size of regular pansies in December.  Then in spring they went crazy, spreading to almost a foot and a half across and were smothered with blooms until the middle of June. 

A recipe to success... 

   When transplanting in the falI I use a blend of feather meal, bone meal, and azomite for fertilizer.   This recipe is as follows:

Feather Meal: 4 cups 
Bone Meal: 2 cups
Azomite: 1 cup

Put on a dust mask and gloves before thoroughly blending these ingredients.  Apply an 1/8 cup of the mix to a well aerated planting hole, blend throughout the soil with a trowel or garden fork, and plant one pansy.  Follow up with a heavy watering.  Normally no water is needed until late in spring.  In the south, where winters are mild, these pansies will continue to grow and may need supplemental water during dry periods.

Tough like a pansy?

    While the spring was a bit cooler overall, they did thrive during a few ninety degree temperatures in May and June without fussing.  The really hot temperatures of July was the end of the them.  They fought but eventually bowed down to the hot sun.  In comparison to other pansies they were much longer lived and more heat tolerant.  I would think in northern areas of the United States they might just grow all summer long.

    If you are a pansy lover these are perfect for you.  Our transplants are in 3.5" pots and are starting to bloom right now, but we are holding off on shipping until early February.  They will remain in a minimally heated greenhouse to bulk their root system until then.  

(Photo taken 12/26/18 of actual sale plants)

    To celebrate their arrival on our site we are starting sales at 25% off our regular pricing.  This sale will go until January 14, 2019.  Due to their large spreading size one plant will cover the area of six regular pansies.  Check out our trailing pansies today (Pansy Page).

Happy Gardening and God Bless,
David Burton (owner)
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