Heuchera 'Fire Alarm'

Also, known as coral bells, heucheras, are shade dwelling perennials that excel in providing year long color to those boring shady spots.  The variety, Fire Alarm, is a fairly new heuchera that does not disappoint.

This large leaf variety is a standout in our trials with excellent color in all four seasons.  Many coral bells will "green" out in the summer as the temperature increases and while 'Fire Alarm' isn't as intense in summer it still remains red.  This is an added improvement the heuchera world has longed for and definitely of great importance in landscape design.

The showstopping show does go from early November through May here in Delaware.  The shiny leaves go from a radiant red to a downright vibrant candy apple when the cold nights come forth.  This makes some unique contrasts to  evergreens and boring winterscapes.  A heavy frost can really paint a design on these pristine leaves as well.

Coral bells are simple native plants that require good drainage, a partial to full shade location, and minimal fertlizer to thrive.  We recommend planting in mid-spring or mid-late fall for best rooting and development. 'Fire Alarm' has these same needs but will tolerate the heat and humidity of the south better than other reds.  This vibrant beauty is definitely worth a try in your landscape.

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