Cobwebs can be Cool!

Cobwebs can be Cool!

They might not be the biggest hens and chicks but this varieties sure gets it's trail on!  An evergreen or shall we say evercobwebby perennial, Cobweb Buttons, are a great groundcover for the front of the border or a rock garden.  They are fairly fast growing when happy or slower growing when the soils are light on nutrients, but either way they still adorn the landscape with a unique texture and color scheme.  A great choice for the xeriscape or quick drying locations.  They are fun to mix in with other succulents, add uniqueness to a miniature garden, or put in a container all by themselves.  The plant in the pot pictured was started from a plug (small pot) in February of 2019.  If you notice the central plant or mother (she's taller) and all the babies she has had since February.  This is also the 4.5" pot size you will be buying if purchasing from us.  Fun to grow for gardeners of any experience rating and just a delight to look at!

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