Citronelle Heuchera - Lime Time!!

Citronelle Heuchera - Lime Time!!

    The 'Citronelle' variety of heuchera is a long lived shade plant that adds light to those dark shady areas and is a nice contrast to plants with darker foliage tones.  A sport of Heuchera 'Caramel' this odd find is very similar to its mother in growth and size.  Like 'Caramel', 'Citronelle', has Heuchera villosa parentage.  These heucheras are native to the southern parts of North America, where they have adapted to heat and humidity for years, and these traits have been passed on to 'Citronelle'.  It is during this heat that they send up creamy clusters of flowers shaped like bells.  Though, these flowers are pretty, they pale in comparison to the radiant leaves.  In the summer the foliage takes on a deeper green, but in the coolness of fall the radiant lime returns to beckon the fall and winter garden with radiant color once again.  'Citronelle' offers garden interest 365 days of the year.

How to Grow

    Heucheras need well-drained soils that have a good amount of organic matter.  In poor draining soils they are prone to root rot and do better under dry conditions versus wet.  You can enrich poor draining soils with compost to help break up the soil particles for quicker drainage.  'Citronelle' does best in full to partial shade and especially likes shade from the intense afternoon summer sun.  Dry full sun locations will result in tip burn of the leaves; remember these are shade plants.  We find they grow best under deciduous trees where they get winter sun exposure, morning/evening sun exposure in the summer, and are blocked by the intense mid-day summer sun.  Every spring it is beneficial to side dress the plants with compost or an all purpose fertilizer to give them a boost.  Normally, average rainfall is sufficient to sustain the plants, but occasionally you may want to irrigate when there has been no rain for two weeks; especially in the summer months.  All in all, they are easy perennials to contend with.

Companion Plants

Plants that vibe with 'Citronelle'

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Bergenia 'Winter Glow'

Heuchera 'Bronze Wave'

Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'

Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop'

Carex Silver Sceptre


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