Carex Silver Sceptre - A Shady Delight!

Carex Silver Sceptre - A Shady Delight!

Variegated fun!  A captivating plant for those shady spots, mix container plantings, and mass plantings.  In shady spots this grassy perennial illuminates walkways, accents trees nicely, and is a good neutral color scheme to pop taller plants out of the landscape.  When, doing a container planting Carex Silver Sceptre is great at being a spiller and hangs gracefully over the edge without any drama. As a mass planting silver sceptre carex is great at edging walkways, encircling trees, suppressing weeds, and providing erosion control.

Growing Requirements 

    Carex Silver Sceptre is an easy to grow shade perennial that isn't finicky about soil type, requires little cost inputs, and is easy to maintain.  These perennials are easily grown in soils ranging from cloggy clays to sharp draining sands.  To start a planting remove all weeds from the area and top dress the soil with a 1/2" of organic matter; compost, worm castings, or dehydrated cow manure are great choices.  Next, mulch the area at a depth of 1"; good mulch choices are grass clippings, straw, or pine shafts.  Then, plant the plants eight inches to a foot apart; use less spacing for groundcover plantings and more spacing for single plantings.  Lastly, water the planting heavily to eliminate air pockets.  Now set back and watch them grow. 

Growing On

    Check weekly for soil moisture during the first month and water as needed.  Once, established annual rainfall is normally sufficient and supplemental watering is only need during extended drought situations.  The plants slowly multiply by underground rhizomes to create the beautiful groundcover affect and if these runners go outside any boundaries they are easily pulled by hand.  Using bricks or plastic edging as a boundary will eliminate maintenace.  Silver Sceptre Carex is easy to care for and worth a try in shady areas where other plants don't have much fun.

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