Miscanthus 'Variegatus'

There are plants and then there are plants that just stand out and command attention.  The 'Variegatus' miscanthus, also commonly known as variegated maiden hair grass, is just this show stopping plant.  The white margined blades with rich green interiors create a contrast that captives the eye and the vase-like habit is a graceful addition to any garden setting.  Works great as a pillar plant to give height to smaller plantings or is equally nice mixed within the perennial border.

  Our miscanthus variegatus plants are sold as landscape plugs (2.5" square x 5.5" deep) for this fall and will be sold in 4.5" pots next spring.  The plant in the picture was transplanted in July from a landscape plug.  These plants can be planted this fall, as long as, your area has four to six weeks before the ground freezes solid.  If it is too late for fall planting for you they are available for purchase for spring shipping as well.

Planting recommendations - Incorporate compost or worm castings into the planting hole for fertilizer and moisture conservation.  Top dress with an organic all purpose fertilizer.  A non-organic fertilizer will work too.  Water the plants in deeply or if rain is in the forecast let nature take it's course.  Mulch with grass clippings, wood mulch, or pine shafts.  The use of weed prevention barriers not only helps with weeds, but also prevents the mulch from decaying as fast and keeps the soil warmer.


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