Tomato 'Caiman' F1 - 1 Plant

Tomato 'Caiman' F1 - 1 Plant

  • $ 5.95

Caiman, is an excellent hybrid beefsteak that is highly disease resistant and very tasty.   This large tomato grows in clusters of 4 or 6 with a high percentage of usable/saleable fruits.  The rich red skins are thick enough to resist cracking yet tender enough for delightful eating.  Shows resistance to the following: TMV: Tobacco Mosaic Virus, LM: Leaf Mold, VW: Verticillium Wilt, FW: Fusarium Wilt, TSWV: Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.  

Fruit Size: 12 oz. 
Spacing: 18"-24" 
Days to Maturity: 80  
Growth Habit: Indeterminate 
Container Sizes: 3.5" Pot, 1 Plant

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