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Onion 'Walla Walla' - 25 Plant Bunch

  • $ 5.95

The large yellow bulbs of 'Walla Walla' are incredibly sweet.  These globular bulbs can easily size up to 5"-7" across, with bigger sizes reported.  This is a fresh eating onion that will only store a couple weeks; but for long term storage they can be diced or chopped and frozen.  Can be fall planted in mild climates and harvested in spring.  In colder regions it is best to transplant in spring.

Bulb Size: 4"- 7" in diameter (occasionally some larger)
Spacing: 10"-12" apart with rows 18" apart 
Days to Maturity: 90-110 
Daylength: Intermediate to Long
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch

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