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Onion 'Cabernet' Plants

Cabernet, is a long storing red onion that comes on a bit sooner than redwing, but has similar size and growing requirements.  A nicely wrapped onion with good color throughout the rings.  The flavor is mild at harvest and picks up more heat as it stores; but is never hot.  Easily grown with the proper fertilization program.
Mature Bulb Size: 3"- 4" (occasionally larger)
Spacing: 8" - 10"
Storage: July - March (keep around 36-38°F)
Days to Maturity: 105
Day-length: Intermediate to Long Day
Offer Size: 25 plant bunch
Water: Keep eveningly moist at all times
Fertilizer Recipe: 2 cups feather meal, 1 cup bone meal,  1 cup blood meal, and 1 cup kelp meal lightly scratched into soil before planting.  You can also use an all purpose granular fertilizer at planting.  Then, fertilize every two weeks with fish emulsion or similar product.
Photo courtesy of High Mowing Seeds
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