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Boston fern 'Massii' (Nephroleips exaltata)

Boston fern, Massii, is a beautiful fern that has deep serrate leaves with a mid-green coloration.  This lush cultivar is effective at purifying the air and giving a lush jungle appearance to any home or office.  The traditional looking Boston fern, Massii, is a simple to care for and long-lived houseplant.
Mature Plant Size: 24" Tall, 36" Wide
Bloom Time: Summer
Light Exposure: Partial - Full Shade (bright window or average home environment)
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/5.0-5.5 (4:1 peat/perlite mix w/ a small amount of lime)
Finishing Pot Size: 10"-12"
Hardiness Zones: 9 (will not tolerate frost)
Fertilizer: In containers feed once a month with a diluted all-purpose liquid fertilizer.
Container Size: 4.5" Pot
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