Monarda 'Petite Delight' PP10784

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Monarda 'Petite Delight', is a stylish dwarf monarda full of lavender blooms over a long period in summer.  This attractive miniature has fragrant leaves and blooms that excite the senses.  The fragrance is a mixture of fruity tones with hints of clove like aroma.  The large tubular blooms are a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds.  'Petite Delight' can be grown in the front of the border and in containers.

Mature Plant Size: 12"`-15" Tall, 10"-12" Spread  
Bloom Time: Summer
Light Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.0
Hardiness Zones: 3-8
Containers Size: 3.5" Pot
Fertilizer: Apply compost or an all purpose granular fertilizer around plants in early spring.
Water:  Monitor plants through first year for moisture; water deep and inconsistently to encourage the roots to go deep.  Keep soil evenly moist.

Plant Patent - PP10784 - Cannot be propagated

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