Helleborus Brandywine™

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The 'Brandywine' hellebores, are not only same outstanding landscape plant that lenton roses are known for, but this mix is full of an array of bloom types.  The lenton rose or hellebore is an early blooming perennial that often starts blooming in late February here.  This plant has large palmate evergreen leaves that are attractive when the plants are out of bloom.  A great groudcover, specimen, or mass planting choice for shaded gardens.  A popular plant.

Mature Plant Size: 12"-18" Tall, 12" Spread 
Bloom Time: Late Winter/Early Spring
Light Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade 
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/6.0-7.0
Hardiness Zones: 4-8
Containers Size: 3.5" Pot
Fertilizer: Apply compost or an all purpose granular fertilizer around plants in early spring.
Water: Moderate needs.  Performs best when evenly moist at all times.