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Cucumber 'Marketmore 76' Plants

A popular variety, ‘Marketmore 76’, is grown for it’s dark green cucumbers and mildly sweet flavor. The strong plants show resistance to scab, cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, and downy mildew.  'Marketmore 76' has a long harvest window if cucumbers are picked regularly.  This versatile cucumber can be used for both pickles and fresh slicing.
Height: 12” 
Spacing: 3’-5’
Days to Maturity: 65
Fertilizer: An all purpose organic or conventional fertlizer incorporated in topsoil at planting time.  The use of fish emulsion or a liquid kelp meal every two weeks to boost production.
Fertilizer Recipe: 2 cups feather meal, 2 cups kelp meal, 1 cup bone meal.  Apply at planting by incorporating it into the top soil with a rake or fingers.
Container Size:  4.5" Pot, 2 plants/pot
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