Coir Growing Medium - 11lb block

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Coir, a byproduct of the coconut industry, is a  potting medium that has high lignin levels for exceptional water holding properties.  It holds about seven times it's dry weight in water.  Like a sponge, coir, will readily absorb water (even when dried out completely), up to it's full capacity, and the rest is left to drain through.  This expelling of excess water helps to eliminate over-watering problems.  The porous nature of the coir we offer is due to varying particle sizes of the coconut; with larger shell pieces, husk strands, and finer pith pieces making up the mix.  This porosity makes for better root growth, quicker growing plants, and less problems with soil borne diseases.  

   Not only does coir have great water holding capacities, but it naturally has ample levels of potassium and micro-nutrients like iron, maganese, zinc, and copper.  These nutrients are readily available to the plant and other essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium can easily be administered with a liquid or granular fertilizer.  The lack of ample nitrogen aids in regulating plant size for both the home gardener and commercial grower.  If larger plants are acquired they can be fed at a higher rate (taking into factor directions on manufacturer's label).  Coir also has a high buffer capacity; thus it holds fertilizer longer than peat and garden soils; which makes it more environmentally friendly.

  A key point that makes coir stand out from peat based soils is that it is naturally in a good pH range (5.5-6.0) for most plant types.  We have found that it isn't as effected by the pH of the fertilizer water (liquid feeding).  We fertilize most plants with a water/fertilizer pH of 4.5 or slightly higher and within a few hours later the pH is back to a 6.0.  Being the mix is naturally a pH of 5.5-6.0 there is no need for lime or an equivalent pH adjuster; thus eliminating reapplying a pH adjuster if pH drops due to leaching.  This reins true for organic fertilizers, but for synthetic fertilizers the higher levels of sodium and certain metals may mean an unsafe lowering of soil pH; it is best to flush soil with clean water on a regular basis when using these types of fertilizers.  All liquid feeding programs should at some point use only water to clear the medium of impurities.  For acid loving plants you can mix equal parts peat and coir for a stable acidic potting medium.

Coir growing medium is an easily used potting soil that plants love.  Can be used for regular potting, as a soil amendment, hydroponics, and as the medium in erosion control barriers. One 11 pound block expands to 2.5 cubic feet of soil.

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