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Squash 'Buttercup' Plants

Buttercup, a great substitute for pumpkins, they store longer than traditional pumpkins and the flesh has less water for quick pie making.  The flesh is sweet and a yellow orange.  A great alternative to larger hubbard squash and cinderella pumpkins.
Fruit Size: 3 - 5 lbs
Spacing: 24" between plants, 4'-6' between rows.  Allow at least 50 square feet per plant in small gardens.
Days to Maturity: 95
FertilizerApply an all purpose fertilizer at planting.  We prefer organic for better soil health.  If growth is slow fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer, like fish emulsion/
Container Size: 4.5" Pot, 1 Plant

Photo courtesy of High Mowing Seeds®

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