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Blueberry 'Duke'

'Duke', is a popular mid-atlantic blueberry that was created by the USDA in Beltsville, Maryland.  These highly productive bushes produce large sweet berries in abundance.  Unlike some blueberries, this variety can be grown in the northern regions of the US and will still tolerate the high heat and humidity of the mid-atlantic region.  Duke is a fairly early bloomer in the spring with early berries ripening around Memorial Day and continuing through mid-July.  The yearly show is completed with reddish-orange foliage in the fall; making it a great choice for the landscape.  Blueberries are self pollinating but planting two or more bushes increases availability of pollen; increasing pollination and yield potential.  Our plants will be sent in the spring and will not fruit until the following year.
Mature Plant Size: 6' Tall, 4' Spread 
Bloom Time: April
Light Exposure: Full Sun  
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/4.5-5.5 - Low pH is critical for growth and fruiting.
Hardiness Zones: 4-7
Fertilizer: Apply potassium sulfate in early spring each year.  If growth is slow during establishment fertilize with fish emulsion or similar liquid feed once a month during the growing season.  Use garden sulphur in fall or prior to planting to drop the pH into the desired pH range of 4.5-5.5.
Pot Size: 4.5" Pot, 2 Year Old Plants

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