Bird of Paradise Plants (Gallon)

  • $ 29.95

The Bird of Paradise plant is one of the most exciting houseplants or garden plant if you are lucky to live in the tropics.  The unique flower shape and blue to orange coloration really does resemble the beautiful Bird of Paradise (bird), and is always a delight to onlookers.  The thick blue-green foliage is beautiful as an accent plant when out of bloom.  Easily grown in containers with bright light and a consistent feeding schedule (see below).  Equally easy in the landscape with proper fertilization and consistently moist soil.  A very rewarding plant to try your green thumb out on. Once received pot up into a large pot (2 - 5 gallon soil volume recommended), or add to a tropical landscape.

Mature Plant Size: 3'-5' Tall, 24" Spread  
Bloom Time: Fall - Winter
Light Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained, Good potting medium/5.5-7.5 
Hardiness Zones: 9-11 (Tropical Regions, Houseplant Elsewhere)
Container Sizes: Trade Gallon (1 Year Old Plants, about 1 foot tall), 4.5" Potted Plants
Fertilizer: Every two weeks in containers and once a month when in the ground with an all purpose fertilizer (we use fish emulsion).


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