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Begonia 'Little Brother Montgomery' Plants

Begonia 'Little Brother Montgomery', is an intense foliage plant that is easy to grow.  The heavily serrate leaves are dazzled in silver with deep blue/green interiors that have a purple hue.  During the summer rosy blooms peak out from around the foliage adding another dimension to this already vividly dimensional plant.  A great houseplant or shade plant in warm climates.  Can be grown in a large container and moved outside.
Mature Plant Size: 3'-4' Tall, 24"-30 Spread  
Bloom Time: Summer
Light Exposure: Partial to Full Shade (will tip burn in sun)
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained, Good potting medium/5.5-7.0
Hardiness Zones: 10-11 (Tropical Regions, Houseplant Elsewhere)
Container Sizes: 5.5" Round Pot
Fertilizer: Every two weeks in containers with an all purpose liquid feed.  In the landscape you can fertilize with an all purpose granular fertilizer every two months or monthly with an all purpose liquid feed.
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