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Begonia 'Don Miller' (Frosty)

'Don Miller' or 'Frosty' is a heavily variegated angelwing begonia.   Throughout the year clusters of pink blooms are produced and accent the frosty aurora of the leaves.  The beautifully patterned leaves take centerstage, but the blooms add a nice touch to the display. An easy to care for plant that is a great choice for containers.  Don't the let the mature size intimidate you, as angelwing begonias can be kept shorter by eliminating some fertilizer applications.
Mature Plant Size: 3' Tall, 2' Spread
Bloom Time: Year round
Light Exposure: Partial to Full Shade (will tip burn in sun)
Soil Type/pH: Well-drained/5.5-7.0
Water: Allow top inch of soil to dry before watering.  Water until some comes out of the drainage hole(s).
Fertilizer: Every two weeks with an all-purpose liquid feed.   When, feeding make sure the soil is moist and water until some fertilizer water escapes the drainage hole.  If the soil is dry, plain water, until some washes through the drainage hole, then wait a few hours to get the entire medium hydrated.  Watering plants with a liquid fertilizer, especially begonias, when the soil is dry can result in burn; never fertilize wilted plants of any type.
Hardiness Zones: 10-11 (Tropical Regions, Houseplant Elsewhere)
Container Size: 4.5" Pot
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