Pepper 'Jupiter' Plants

  • $ 5.95

'Jupiter', is one of the largest bell peppers that can grow to 4" across and 5"-6" long.  The plants are 3'-5' and have a thick canopy that helps prevent the fruit from getting sunscald.  This pepper can be picked early as a green pepper or left on the plants to mature to a brilliant red.  In both stages the fruits is pleasantly sweet without the bitterness that older types can have.  In the kitchen they are great for stuffing, sauteeing, and eating fresh.
Fruit Size: 4" across x 5” long  
Spacing:   12”-18” 
Days to Maturity: 75
FertilizerApply an all purpose fertilizer at planting.  We prefer organic for better soil health.  Fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer, like fish emulsion, if growth is slow.
Container Sizes: 4.5" Pot, 1 Plant

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