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Tomato 'Brandywine' Plants

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First introduced by the Johnson and Stokes company in 1889, Brandywine, has been the tomato to beat in taste tests all across the world.  The pinkish red fruits are perfectly round, have little to no core, and a meaty interior.  The wide potato like foliage is great at keep the sun off the fruits; thus preventing sunscald.  'Brandywine' will set blooms in cooler weather conditions that most other beefsteak type tomatoes.
Fruit Size: 12-15 Ounces 
Spacing: 18"-24" 
Days to Maturity: 75-85 
Growth Habit: Indeterminate 
Fertilizer: Apply an all purpose organic fertilizer at planting time and side dress before fruit set with the same fertilizer.
Container Size: 4.5Pot, 1 Plant

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