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Pepper 'Ashe County Pimento' Plants

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The ashe county pimento is a brilliant red pepper with a unique shape and is tasty in everything from omelettes to stuffed peppers.  The sweet taste and lack of bitterness makes it a versatile pepper for a wide arrary of dish options.  The plants are well branched and high yielding.  We personally cannot find a better pepper for making pepper relish.  Very similar to 'Red Ruffled Pimento'.
Fruit Size: 3” wide x 2” tall
Spacing: 12”-18”
Days to Maturity: 80-90
FertilizerApply an all purpose fertilizer at planting.  We prefer organic for better soil health.  Fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer, like fish emulsion, if growth is slow.
Container Size: 3" Pot, 1 Plant

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